September 2015. Client: LGIM

September 2015. Client: LGIM

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LGIM-Newport-CelticManorIs this a portrait? The person’s face and expression are predominant enough but the true likeness is disguised with aviator sunglasses and she’s not really part of the Red Arrows squad. However, many portraits throughout history have told untruths. Most working portrait artists flattered their subjects, that’s why they got the work and perhaps why the work still survives.

Is this a snapshot which is defined by being shot spontaneously without artistic intent? The set up wasn’t spontaneous but involved three lights, a backdrop and fancy dress costume. The composition fits comfortably into the rule of thirds (you can even test this using the Red Arrows canopy pattern!*) but that’s no qualifier for art.

A SnapTrait…or just a PorShot

(* I’ve heard the pattern helps in positioning the plane during the air display but I also read they were explosive cords that pre-shatter the canopy during the ejection seat firing process).